Welcome back, Original Sound!

Welcome back, Original Sound!
by Valentina Pagliai | :venews

Welcome back, Original Sound!The year 2008 begins with good news, that is, the renewal of the event called "Original Sound", the historic Tuesday appointment at the Giorgione Cinema.

Suspended at the end of 2007, due to our difficulty in presenting to movie lovers international film masterpieces in the original languages, the event has been reborn this month of January, with a schedule that will extend into March

the causes of the suspension is the difficulty in finding subtitled films in original languages, in a country where the barbarous usage of dubbing at any cost makes subtitles almost unobtainable; the high cost of film rental; and the spectators' difficulty, even if they seem extremely interested, in following films in the original languages, which cause a slow but inexorable disappearance.
Nevertheless the organizers, refreshed by the enormous numbers of e-mails received, are convinced that, when all is said and done, an effort to bring back the original sound is worthwhile.

Thus, in January, lovers of original sound have been able to see masterpieces such as the many-times awarded German film Other People's Lives, the French La Vie en Rose, and even Othello by Orson Welles.

We feel sure that the February and March projections will be no less magnificent. Inaugurating February Leap Year 2008 will be, on the 4th of February, the Leone d'Oro of Venice's 2005 Cinema Exposition, The Secrets of Brokeback Mountain by Ang Lee.
This is a controversial film, not only for its homosexual theme, but also for the diverse reactions which it has provoked in the gay community. Two cowboys, interpreted by the splendid Jake Gillenhaal and Heath Ledger, are constrained to share a tent on the peak of a mountain.
They discover that they love each other and, avoiding all impediments and barriers, do everything possible to make their love blossom. 


by Valentina Pagliai | :venews
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