New restaurant café opening at the Querini Stampalia Foundation


New restaurant café opening at the Querini Stampalia Foundation Restaurant have become an integral part of a museum.
There are a lot of examples of excellent cooking jointed to interesting temporary or permanent exhibitions.
At the Querini Stampalia Foundation, in the spaces redrawn by Mario Botta at the ground-floor of the Palace, next to the garden planned by Carlo Scarpa at the end of the 50’s, has found its right position the Qcoffee that might be defined as the sensory extension of the Foundation.

Over the café, wisely furnished with every kind of comfort, characterised by the high quality, capable to cheer minds tired by studying or visitors impressed by the beauty of exposed works, there is a restaurant, opened until late, that offers the opportunity of enjoying completely the greatness of an old residence, become centre of the cultural excellence.
An evening could start by visiting the museum, whose opening time has been protracted until 8 p.m., and could continue with the Tuscan-Venetian gastronomic proposals of the two Venetians Mariagrazia Cassan and Guglielmo Pilla - owners of a restaurant in the Isontino - and of Bruno Barbani, owner of Ribò.
Among the offers, the great dish of Lagoon fishes, sauté mussels and clams, pumpkin and potatoes homemade gnocchi, beef “carpaccio” with tomatoes and basil, T-bone steak with roast potatoes. The selection of cheese and salami is wide and high-level, besides to homemade cakes.
Qcoffee is set with full rights in the chain of charm restaurants that link to the table an high-level architecture and a charming artistic profile. Bellini, Longhi, Carlo Scarpa and Mario Botta… Sorry Philippe, there’s no place for you!


by redazione :venews
Tr. Pamela Gennari

April 2008 


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