the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008


the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008Here are the names of the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008, the music competition organised by Heineken in collaboration with Jungle Sound.  The contest will bring 18 new bands to the stage for the 11th edition of the Heineken Jammin’ Festival, in programme at Parco San Giuliano, Venezia-Mestre from 20th to 22nd June.

Italy responded with enthusiasm to the'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008: 2652  bands signed up, more than 12,000 musicians were involved, more than 8000 new songs entered the competition.
This edition came up with 18 winners, 3 of whom will perform on stage at the Heineken Jammin’ Festival 2008 and 15 will lead the Second Stage, a stage set up inside the  Parco San Giuliano in Venezia-Mestre, for big name artists as well.
The following is a list of the winners of the Heineken Jammin Festival Contest 2008 who will be performing  on the main stage and Second Stage:

20 June
This Grace
Diet Kiss
Mum drinks milk again
Thank you for the drum machine
Speedy Peones
Main stage 
Home - winner HJFC 2007 
To ed Gain - winner HJFC 2008
21 June
Magentha Vol
Nena and the Superyeahs 
I maniscalco Maldestro
Main stage 
Cherrysand - winner HJFC 2007 
Horrible Porno Stuntman - winner HJFC 2008
22 June
The legendary Kid Combo
Eva mon amour
Main stage
Marydolls  - winner HJFC 2008
An Italian big name artist will perform on the 2nd Stage every day to introduce the contest for the emerging new bands:

20 June – Pino Scotto
21 June – Vanilla Sky  
22 June – The Hormonauts

This year Backline  has been the technical backup for the Heineken Jammin’ Festival Contest on the Second Stage.  The same company will donate a guitar to the 18 finalists.


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