The Fondamenta Nuove Theatre

The Fondamenta Nuove TheatreFrom 2003 Venice’s Teatro Fondamenta Nuove di Venezia has been run by the Associazione Culturale Vortice, which has been active in the city since 1998 especially on the music scene.

Certain events have now become annual such as the "Risonanze" or "La Costruzione del Suono".  It has also become famous for its emphasis on the avant-garde from jazz to rock or from electronic music to theatrical.  It has also widened its arc to include other disciplines and multimedia.

The main backbone is the music but the Association also wants to include productions: dance (for which the theatre was first conceived under Gennaro Labanca for 10 years) and theatre, seminars, workshops, conferences. Through this it hopes to offer itself to the city as a cultural model for all its potential creativity

The theatre is situated at the end of the Fondamenta Nuove, looking out over the northern part of the lagoon.  It is a charming wood and brick building that can hold up to 200 people.

Useful information:

Fondamenta Nuove Theatre
Cannaregio 5013
30121 Venezia
Tel/fax +39 041 5224498
Sito web:

Associazione Culturale Vortice

Address: Teatro Fondamenta Nuove
Cannaregio 5013 - I 30121 Venezia
Sede legale: Dorsoduro 3861
30123 Venezia
Sito web:


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