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Liu Zhong - Praise of Nature

Liu Zhong - Praise of NatureFrom 4 June to 15 September 2009 Giudecca 795 Art Gallery hosts in its main hall the Biennale collateral event "Praise of Nature" by the Chinese artist Liu Zhong. His works are dedicated to nature and they are all mede on rice paper and silk.

Liu Zhong presents at Giudecca 795 some recent works on rice paper and silk, painted with the traditional black ink, about Nature and the animal world, inspired by the famous Histoire naturelle by Buffon - whose illustrations were remade in the Thirties by Picasso.

With these works Liu Zhong wants to emphasize the need of a different human approach towards nature, which nowadays is a very important theme in China, which is treated by Liu Zhong as a contemporary artist, opening up a new point of view. The fact that the nature has the property of being a central theme in the Chinese painting tradition is undeniable, especially subjects taken from the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Liu Zhong remains very close to his own poetics root, belonging to the nature kingdom and to a real tale that was born from an inner relation with the world where we live, and with a wonderful and never ending creation.

This works of art by Liu Zhong are faithful to a thousand-year painting tradition, they surprise us because of their tones, their language, and sometimes because of their curiosity in composition. They show us a way of being modern that respects the trade of the artist, a trade that is not only made of images, but also by ideas that want to transport us and the artist as well to a social contest in which we are witness and intermediary to the poetics of life.

When: From Jun-4-2009 To Sep-15-2009
Where: Giudecca Art Gallery

More information: Boat lines: 2, 41 or 42
direction Giudecca Palanca.

Web: www.giudecca795.com
Opening: From Tuesday to Sunday: 10-18
Closed on Monday


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