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Palestine c/o Venice

Palestine c/o VeniceFrom 5th June to 7th September 2009 at the Sala del Camino in the Ex Convento dei Santi Cosma e Damiano in Giudecca, there will be an high-profile exhibition within the city's art event offer: Palestine c/o Venice, a collateral event of the 53ª Biennale d'arte, an occasion for some palestinian artists to expose their works to an international public.

The seven participating artists (Taysir BatnijiShadi HabibAllah, Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, Emily Jacir, Jawad Al Malhi, Khalil Rabah), commissioned to create  new art works, were chosen for their outstanding commitment to their art as well as their ability to bridge local and global themes. Among them are emerging and established artists. They employ diverse techniques including sound installation, multimedia performance installation, site specific work, animation, photography, and video. Their art tackles themes ranging from the epistemology of the concept of biennales to the dialogue of cultures within architecture and urban design, and explores visual perception of objects in the mechanical state. It also examines marginality via the structural geography of the refugee camp, and activates an almost non-exiting community discourse on the colonialist socio-spatial reconfiguration of urban centers.

Exhibition curator: Salwa Mikdadi
Exhibitio commisioer: Vittorio Urbani

Opening reception
6 June 5 p.m.

  To insure that Palestinian communities join in celebrating this inaugural exhibition, six Palestinian art institutions in Jerusalem and the West Bank will show duplicates of the art works opening the exhibitions simultaneously with Venice. The Palestinian venues are:: A.M. Qattan Foundation, Birzeit University Art Museum, Al-Hoash Palestinian Art Court, International Academy of Art Palestine, Al Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation.

5 June from9.30 a.m. to 5.30p.m.
Limited seating, early registration required
Issues to be discussed will focus on art in the time of perpetual crisis, the role artists play in civil society as activist and as catalysts of democratic discourse, and the artists' activation of public spaces as alternative venues in the absence of museums and state support. Symposium participants include the artists,art historians and art professionals representing several Palestinian art institutions.

Patronage: exhibition granted patronage by the City of Venice

-Rana Sadik and Samer Younis
-The Khalid Shoman Foundation - Darat al Funun
-Welfare Association
-CCC: sponsor of Khalil Rabah’s art project
 A Geography: 50 Villages – 3rd Riwaq Biennale

When: From Jun-5-2009 To Sep-7-2009
Where: del Camino nell' Ex Convento dei Santi Cosma e Damiano alla Giudecca
Promoter: Nuova Icona Associazione Culturale Per Le Art

More information: Fermata "Palanca" vaporetto/motoscafo linea 2, 41, 42

Email: info@palestinecoveniceb09.org
Web: http://www.palestinecoveniceb09.org/Homepage.html
Opening: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. except on Monday

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