Venezia, nave ammiraglia ancorata tra le lagune

Dinosaurs and venetian ship

Dinosaurs and venetian shipThe tour begins at the Natural History Museum with the visit of the hall of the dinosaur and the hall of the aquarium of the “tegnue” that recreates the protected  marine area around Chioggia.
In the courtyard of the Fondaco dei Turchi (old Turkish storehouse), the site of the museum, there is a restored and still working well where children may learn the techniques used by the engineers of the Serenissima for water supply in a city “on water, but without water”.

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Lions and venetian ships

Lions and venetian shipsThis is an itinerary through the maritime power of the Serenissima. The tour starts from the Arsenale, a building of industrial, maritime and military importance.
The ships that were too big to be handled in the squeri (the small boat making shops) spread all around Venice, were built and repaired in the Arsenale. At the entrance of the Arsenale you are welcomed by four lions of marble.

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