L'isola dove nacque la storia dei dogi.

Church of Santa Maria Elisabetta

Santa Maria ElisabettaThis church was founded by Patriarch Giacomo Tiepolo in 1627.  It is situated overlooking the lagoon and the boat stops. It faces the piazza of the same name, behind it is the main road, Gran Viale.

Church of Saint Nicolò

Chiesa San NicolòThe church of St Nicolò is located in the northern part of Lido facing the lagoon, near the first of the three ports to be found in Venice that separates the coast from that of Cavallino and Lido. Lido was formed by river sediment and was later man made to protect Venice’s lagoon from the sea.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta MalamoccoThe church dates from the 12th century and is built in Veneto-Byzantine style.  It underwent modifications in 1339 and 1557.
It can be found in Piazza Maggiore in the picturesque district of Malamocco on Lido. In Malamocco there is also the ponte (bridge) Borgo,  the Palazzo Pretorio and a monument in hexagonal form with Pisani family’s coat of arms. The Pisani governed Malamocco around the middle of  1537.

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