Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Chiesa Santa Maria Assunta MalamoccoThe church dates from the 12th century and is built in Veneto-Byzantine style.  It underwent modifications in 1339 and 1557.
It can be found in Piazza Maggiore in the picturesque district of Malamocco on Lido. In Malamocco there is also the ponte (bridge) Borgo,  the Palazzo Pretorio and a monument in hexagonal form with Pisani family’s coat of arms. The Pisani governed Malamocco around the middle of  1537.

The interior of the church is based on one nave and with a hull like ceiling. The most important paintings are, on the left of the main altar, “Il Miracolo in mare” (Miracle in the Sea) by Gerolamo Forabosco, who was active in the 1600s. 
Here the figures are saved from drowning and wearing clothes of the time. On the first altar on the left is the famous Cucifixion, a sculpture in plaster from the 15th century. There is also a group sculpture of the 1700s of the Marys, St John and Mary Magdalen and a rare painting of the Magdalen undergoing an exorcism with devils coming out of her mouth.

The church is the original devoted to Our Lady of the Marina. Legend has it that a man from Malamocco, Felice Dario, found a tree trunk along the water’s edge, probably part of a boat. The man took the wood home to burn but three times it disappeared from his house only to reappear on the sea shore. 
It took on the figure of a woman – the Virgin Mary – and from that moment the people remember and celebrate the traditional local feast day of the Madonna della Marina. 
Useful Information:

Mass times: Saturday evening 6.00 (winter), 6.30 (summer).  The times change with daylight saving; Sundays 10.15
Address: Via Merceria, 2 – 30126 Malamocco - Lido di Venezia
Telephone: +39 041-770715


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