Church of Santa Maria Elisabetta

Santa Maria ElisabettaThis church was founded by Patriarch Giacomo Tiepolo in 1627.  It is situated overlooking the lagoon and the boat stops. It faces the piazza of the same name, behind it is the main road, Gran Viale.

Before the boat was built in the 1400s there was a devotional school linked to the St Nicolò Monastery.  After in the 1500s, there was an oratory called Santa Maria Elisabetta which became the nucleus for the building we see today.

The facade is very simple with one entrey in marble with architraves, two rectangular windows and a pediment. The interior is very simple consisting of one nave and four side altars with Corinthian capitals and architraves. 

The main altar dates form the 1600s and has multi-coloured marble inlays similar to that of St Nicolò built in 1634.  The organ is from the 1700s.  It is sculpted in the Austro-Bohemian style of the 15th century.  It portrays the Pietà and is one of the oldest works of art on the island.
Useful Information:

Entrance: free
Mass times: Saturday evening 6.30 (from 15/9 to 30/5) - 7.00 (from 31/5 to 14/9); Sundays 8.30 - 10.00 - 11.30 - 6.30 (from 15/9 to 30/5) – 7.00 (from 31/5 to 14/9); weekdays 9.00 and 6.30
Address: Riviera Santa Maria Elisabetta
Telephone: +39 041.5260072

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