Venice, the city with more than 7000 chimneys.

Ecumenism and Multiculture

Ecumenism and Multiculture This itinerary winds its way among the main ethnic and cultural communities of Venice, the Jewish, the Greek and the Armenian, focusing on the multiethnic aspect of the city.
The tour deepens the theme of the minority communities living in Venice in the Age of the Serenissima Republic to lay emphasis on the historic contributions of the Greek, Armenian and Jewish to the cultural and artistic development of the city.

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Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio

Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio The tour begins in Campo del Ghetto and heads towards Fondamenta degli Ormesini and to Fondamenta della Sensa where you could find typically Venetian pubs (bacari) for a short break and typical inns and ethnic restaurants for dinner.
We arrive at St Alvise Church, a convent church with one single nave that is characterized by the 15th century “barco” ( the choir of the nuns that was directly connected to the convent), by a richly decorated ceiling and by Tiepolo’s painting. (The Church belongs to Chorus Association).

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Venice through literature

by Marco Scurati

Venice through literature Venice has often been an object of tension and a never placated desire by writers and literary men searching continuously, as well as a source of inspiration through imagination with plurality and richness of meanings. 

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Going around cloisters in Venice

by Un amico a Venezia

Going around cloisters in Venice A cloister… an image of young friars meditating or leafing through a Bible for hours before dawn. A sensation is a surge of peace and serenity. Venice: a city of canals, bridges, churches and monasteries where we’ll go to wander around, in an itinerary back in time, through cloisters of convents of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Sant'Apollonia, San Francesco della Vigna and San Giorgio on Island.

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Paintings by Tintoretto through his famous "last suppers"

Paintings by Tintoretto through his famous "last suppers"A dynamic approach to get to know the art and style of Tintoretto could be the one of following the artist through his sumptuously laid tables and “Last Suppers” during an itinerary in the city that the painter would have definitely approved of, having himself been one of the greatest men of Mannerisms that interpreted through situations of great dynamism and movement.
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Colours in the paintings

Colours in the paintings Visual itinerary through the places of colour in the paintings from Veneto and its cultural manifestations, highlighting the key points of correlations between landscape, colour and sensuality, indicating the concepts and prevailing constants of techniques and styles that had influenced European art.

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Eugenio Da Venezia ed i luoghi dei pittori Post Impressioni lagunari

di Alain Chivilò e Roberta Nalesso

Eugenio Da Venezia ed i luoghi dei pittori Post Impressioni lagunariQuesto itinerario prende spunto dai luoghi dove Eugenio Da Venezia e il gruppo dei "pittori di palazzo Carminati", esponenti del movimento post-impressionista veneziano del Novecento, trascorrevano giornate intere a dipingere circondati dalla splendida natura dei paesaggi lagunari.

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Venice through cinema places

by Roberta Nalesso |  editor VeneziaSì

Venice through cinema places For its incomparable beauty and natural sceneries that it offers, Venice has always constituted a sough after and privileged scenography for cinematographers from all over the world that have celebrated it in all seasons and through films of different genres and insights, amongst common postcard places and romantic decadence of psychodrama…
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Itinerario nell’arte contemporanea

di Vega Partesotti    

La storia fa sentire il suo peso a Venezia, una città talmente ricca di tesori artistici e architettonici del passato che non sembra prestarsi troppo a offrire anche spazi all’arte contemporanea. Eppure fu proprio qui che nel 1895 ebbe luogo la prima “Esposizione internazionale d’arte della città di Venezia”, in seguito diventata Biennale di Venezia.

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