Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio

Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio The tour begins in Campo del Ghetto and heads towards Fondamenta degli Ormesini and to Fondamenta della Sensa where you could find typically Venetian pubs (bacari) for a short break and typical inns and ethnic restaurants for dinner.
We arrive at St Alvise Church, a convent church with one single nave that is characterized by the 15th century “barco” ( the choir of the nuns that was directly connected to the convent), by a richly decorated ceiling and by Tiepolo’s painting. (The Church belongs to Chorus Association).

Behind the Church you can see the Canal of  Fondamenta Nuove, with a wonderful view on the lagoon.
Let us go back to Fondamenta della Sensa up to Campo dei Mori (Campo of the Moors) named after the statues of the three Moors on  the walls of the Campo.
Legend has it that the Moors were silk merchants of Mastelli Family who settled in Venice in 1112 and had a palace built. Mastelli Palace is easily recognizable from a bas-relief of a camel. Nearby we can see the house where Jacopo Robusti, better known as  Tintoretto, lived until his death in 1594 and the Church of Madonna dell’Orto where he was buried.
Madonna dell’Orto Church, charcterized by a marvellous brick façade,  was built in the 14th century and was first dedicated to San Christopher.
t was named Madonna dell’Orto ( Virgin of The Garden) after that a statue of the Virgin, with miraculous powers,  was found in a garden not far from the Church. The statue is kept in the church, in St Mauro’s Chapel. In the church we can see Tintoretto’s and Cima da Conegliano’s paintings. (The Church belongs to Chorus Association). Worth of notice is the floor in front of the Church, characterized by ancient brick herringbone pattern enclosed in Istrian stone.
Walking along the quayside (fondamenta) we get to Sacca della Misericordia, where we can enjoy a wonderful view on the islands of Murano and San Michele.
We continue to Campo dell’Abbazia,  where we can see the Church of the same name, not in use nowadays, and the Guildhall of Scuola Grande della Misericordia.
Finally we head to Campo San Geremia where we will visit the wonderful Feast Hall of Palazzo Labia ( nowadays the site of the RAI, Italian Television). The walls of the Feast Hall, frescoed by Tiepolo,  are one of the  masterpieces of the Venetian Art of the 18th century.

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