DorsoduroDorsoduro takes its name from the curved shape of the land on which it was built, higher than the surrounding lands. Our walking tour starts from Campo Santa Margherita, the liveliest campo of the Sestiere.

The campo is animated throughout day and night: the market, the open air cafes and the places where you can have a spritz – the typical Venetian aperitif – beat its rhythms till late at night.

After visiting Santa Maria dei Carmini Church and the beautiful canvases by Lorenzo Lotto, on the way to Campo San Barnaba, we find Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of Punches), in old times a real city boxing ring where rival Venetian factions met to fight. Today, a boat moored by the bridge where fruit and vegetables are sold, represents one the nicest and most picturesque views of Venice.

Once in Campo San Barnaba, we can not miss Palazzo Cà Rezzonico, designed by Longhena in 1667 for the family from Ticino having the same name and current seat of Museo del Settecento Veneziano. Inside, Pietro Longo’s portraits, Guardi’s canvases and an extraordinary 'Veduta di Rio dei Mendicanti' by Canaletto.
We continue our walk along Calle lunga San Barnaba at the end of which, in San Sebastiano Church, with great pleasure we find a real treasure of Veronese’s works, who worked here between 1555 and 1570.

A few steps towards south and at the end of Calle del Vento, the beautiful view stretching from Zattere (floating wharfs used in ancient times to load and unload salt) to Giudecca. This area deserves a walk from San Basilio to Punta della Dogana (the ancient customhouse) and further to the Salute Church, enjoying the sun and view on the Redentore Church, perhaps stopping for a rest in one of the many spots along the quay.

After this refreshing stop, we visit Gallerie dell’Accademia, the oldest Venetian picture gallery. A wealth of masterpieces of Italian art are kept here. To name but a few: La Tempesta (The Tempest) by Giorgione, San Girolamo (Saint Jerome) by Piero della Francesca, San Giorgio (St. George) by Andrea Mantenga,  the impressive Cena in casa di Levi  (Feast in the House of Levi), by Paolo Veronese.

After the visit we can but conclude our walk on Ponte dell’Accademia, from which top we leave our eyes wander freely on the last part of the Grand Canal flowing into Bacino San Marco.

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