August in Venice

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

August in VeniceAugust events in Venice: art exibitions, concerts, open air cinema and shows, nightlife...
For tourists and for those who stay in Venice, August is the best month to enjoy Venice and its special atmosphere, discovering its hidden places and its many summer events!

A strange month, August: it was once synomous with widespread vacations, all of Italy closed for the holidays, people pouring out of the city and then pouring in again.
Now there is Internet, the advent of low cost flights, different relations with time: and August is no longer what it used to be.
Once upon a time, the pale-faced urban tribes were pitied by multitudes of deeply tanned folks; now, an artificial sun gives the gift of Caribbean bronze, and it's not even necessary to go far from home.
Therefore, in an atmosphere of general confusion, nothing makes sense anymore; summer in the city assumes outlines which are less worrying respect to the desert-like climate of some years ago.
And if the city under consideration is Venice, then we're almost in the Garden of Eden...
We can only hope that the airlines' and hotels' special offers are not so convenient that they will attract hordes of tourists to fill the void before September, which for Venice is a continuous vortex of events which unfold, one after the other, at a mad pace.

On the mainland, too, the various everyday problems have been overcome: wide distribution, and the guarantee of artificial, democratic fresh air. Not just shopping centres then, thank goodness!
The Biennial gives us the gift of fresh spaces full of entertainment in the sphere of contemporary art.
Venice’s churches always represent a joyful harbour for the spirit and the senses, worn out by the heat.
Then we have the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Grassi, the Correr Museum, Palazzo Fortuny, the Galleries at the Accademia, Ca' d'Oro, Ca' Pesaro...
All of these are places which can easily be visited in order to refresh the neurons with blasts of cool cultural stimuli.

by Fabio Marzari
august 2007
Tr. M.F.


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