Lontana dal mondo e dal tempo, staccata. Immobile e imperitura, Venezia bisogna rispettarla fin dove è possibile.
Bruno Barilli

The Regata Storica – Where tradition and history come together

The Regata Storica – Where tradition and history come together A special day for every Venetian’s diary is the first Sunday of September when, with the last days of summer and the countdown on, the city readies itself for a final big party – the Regata Storica.

Cavallino-Treporti pyrotechnical summer

Cavallino-Treporti pyrotechnical summer Between rowing competitions, fireworks and sporting events, summer ignites at Cavallino-Treporti.
The lights of fun and the colors of the celebrations are lit every season on the coast of Cavallino-Treporti, when tourists arrive and where the enthusiasm for popular traditions join with the own initiatives of an international seaside resort.

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Summer at the Movies

Summer at the MoviesIn Campo San Polo cinema is not only cinema: waiting for the Venice Film Festival, enjoy the Venetian Summer nights with the Blockbusters of the season...
This is the only not exactly festival-related appointment to recover the original collective ritual of going to the movies.

Campo Bella Vienna e l’altro centro di Venezia

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Campo Bella ViennaDalle parti di Rialto, dove milioni di piedi solcano ogni anno quel tratto di cammino, esiste un campo che fino a poco tempo fa era affollato al mattino di massaie e di curiosi che si aggiravano tra i banchi del mercato, per finire al pomeriggio in una fase di semioblio fino al giorno seguente.

August in Venice

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

August in VeniceAugust events in Venice: art exibitions, concerts, open air cinema and shows, nightlife...
For tourists and for those who stay in Venice, August is the best month to enjoy Venice and its special atmosphere, discovering its hidden places and its many summer events!

Venice like you've never seen it...

Venice like you've never seen it...Discover Venice between mysteries and legends in this itinerary that opens up a Venice few have got to know. 
The itinerary is, in effect, a treasure hunt that leads you through squares to tiny streets and across bridges.  Should you succeed in tracking down the clues you’ll find the treasure – the Ruyi – a sceptre stolen by Marco Polo from the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan.
Come and discover a Venice you never knew existed on the site:  The Ruyi...

Ways to celebrate Redentore

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

Ways to celebrate Redentore14th  July, You could be excused thinking it was the 14th of July in Paris. But no, this is Venice and it’s not Bastille Day, it’s Redentore. It is the regular traditional feast day that makes its appearance every hot, humid July. 

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