Ways to celebrate Redentore

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

Ways to celebrate Redentore14th  July, You could be excused thinking it was the 14th of July in Paris. But no, this is Venice and it’s not Bastille Day, it’s Redentore. It is the regular traditional feast day that makes its appearance every hot, humid July. 

Venetians and tourists alike pack the streets to see the fireworks and join in the party. And Venetians can’t help but feel pride in their city.  There are the religious ceremonies and a regatta and music in the streets – the typical Venetian feast day which is a mix of the sacred and the profane.

Redentore is celebrated every third Sunday in July.  According to your pocket you can enjoy it in many different ways – from the free fireworks show that lights up the city at midnight to other more costly alternatives.

Redentore Low Cost
Ingredients: Humidity, every year it’s always the same – way too much. Crowds – too many. A group of friends or maybe even just semi-friends, among whom there is always one who knows exactly where to see the fireworks without being elbow to elbow with five hundred others. Clothes – summery and light weight, flip flops or running shoes. Mobile phone with camera. A lot of patience. 
You’ll see fireworks here and there through the crowds, you’ll smell people like a barrel of smoked herrings and while you’re trying to get your best shot with your telephone camera, you’ll miss most of the fireworks show.

Classic Redentore – on the water in a boat
If you are the proud owner of a sleek, elegant Riva speedboat.  Leave it at home.  At least if you don’t want it scuffed or smacked into by all the other boats out there.  Avoid trying to be smart at Redentore.  What you need is a rough old boat done up with balloons and paper lanterns and a willingness to mix it up with the kind of people who love traditional feast days, sardines in saor, bigoli in salsa, rough red wine and watermelon.
Consider rush hour traffic in Mestre, a few blessings along the way amidst the sweat and you’ve got the idea of Redentore by boat.  But at least it’s fascinating to watch.  If you want to please Augusto Salvadori, stay up until dawn on Lido and you’ll seriously shown respect for Venetian tradition. Augusto might even show his gratitude by giving you a geranium.

Fashionable Redentore
She’ll be wearing Renè Caovilla, Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo  shoes because hey, there won’t be any walking.  She’ll be wearing a little nothing from Chanel or maybe a Missoni in all the colours of the Redentore.  He’ll be in a tuxedo – just make sure he doesn’t wear crocs with it.  They’ll be on the terrace bar of the brand new  Hilton on the Giudecca, or at the Bauer, Danieli, Gritti, Europa&Regina, etc.  They’ll throw down just a couple of 100euros a head – but let’s not talk money, it’s so vulgar.  They’ll be dining, dancing, listening to music and watching the fireworks.  The difference is that they’ll have a bathroom to relieve themselves in or redo makeup.  Now that’s what a platinum card gets you and don’t you forget it!

by Fabio Marzari
luglio 2007

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