Venice like you've never seen it...

Venice like you've never seen it...Discover Venice between mysteries and legends in this itinerary that opens up a Venice few have got to know. 
The itinerary is, in effect, a treasure hunt that leads you through squares to tiny streets and across bridges.  Should you succeed in tracking down the clues you’ll find the treasure – the Ruyi – a sceptre stolen by Marco Polo from the Chinese emperor Kublai Khan.
Come and discover a Venice you never knew existed on the site:  The Ruyi...

Here at Veneziasi’ we participated in the treasure hunt during its official opening – and were immediately sold on it.

As Venetians we were surprised to find a side of Venice, of legends and mysteries, that have enriched our sea faring history for a millennium.

We learned about the girl who was never buried and of Selima, the most beautiful of the Turkish prisoners brought to Venice in 1478 and her tragic love story.  We discovered the stories of the arned soldier who stopped an entire army and of the witch who emerged from a wall.

On the treasure hunt we followed some of the 60 stories to be found in the book of Ruyi.  We entered into the history of the city and the excitement of discovering our own city as though we never knew it. 

Marco Polo gave the ancient sceptre – the Ruyi –  to the doge when he returned form the Orient.
The entire treasure hunt leads to not only the Ruyi but also the place where Marco Polo was mysteriously buried along with the sceptre.

What do you need before embarking on the treasure hunt?
  A copy of the book of Ruyi and a mobile phone.  The mobile helps you to decode the book.  At the start all you need to do is send a text message and the game begins.
The Ruyi allows the player to follow different routes during different games.  Once you join the game there are any number of play sessions to participate in.

You’ll discover a Venice you’ve never seen before.


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