Equipment in the lagoon: fishing

Equipment in the lagoon: fishingThe Republic had a series of strict laws regarding fishing.  It was one of the main economic activities in the city. The laws also covered the equipment that a fisherman could use, where he could fish and how long he could spend fishing.

Once upon a time the men and their women made their own nets using hemp for large nets and linen for smaller ones. There were different shapes and sizes and forms depending on the type of fishing and the waters in which they were working. Today this patient manual work has been substituted by machines and synthetic materials.
The ‘paranzelle’  are the largest trail nets.  Among these particolar type of nets are the ‘tartanella’, which is smaller than the paranzella, and is held on the sea floor by 20 or so lead weights. trattenuta al fondale da una ventina di piombini.

Fishing was often the only font of money for a family, for this reason the fisherman’s health was of the utmost importance.  He underwent exorcisms and rituals whose origins go back to early Christian times.  The patronage in many parish churches regarding decoration comes from these early supersitions and needs for protection. Shipwreck survivors were in fact obliged to thank the Lord by commissioning paintings of the scenes.  The boats were always decorated with the Madonna della Marina or the Christ of St Domenico, or two angels who protected the boats.

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