Glass Masters: drops of fire

Glass Masters: drops of fireGlass working has ancient traditions in history. It was known and practised in Venice from Medieval times.

Glass making materials had been recognised from Egyptian times, from the Estruscans and from the Greeks. About 2000 AD glass makers made coloured glass mixes into beads or decorated little statues, masks, amulets or small colourful vases. Examples of all these have been found in the pyramids as small personal ornaments. Glassmaking became popular in Venice during Marco Polo’s time. Stories recount how beads were used in the Orient as a way of trading. For this reason they were called ‘conterie’. It is a term still used to denote this type of production to indicate the place where they are made. A famous name at this time was Barovier in 1295. During the Renaissance, a descendant of the family created crystal and from then glass making in Venice took a whole new path. 

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