Per costruirla furono usati il legno e la pietra, ma anche l'acqua, il vento e la nebbia.
Renato Pestriniero

The Arsenale and the Carpentieri

The Arsenale and the CarpentieriThe Arsenal is the symbol of Venice’s might. It was named the ‘heart of Venice’ in 1509. Its origins began in 1104 under a stata dictate.  Until then carpenters worked singly in small boat building workshops throughout the city called ‘squeri’.

Equipment in the lagoon: fishing

Equipment in the lagoon: fishingThe Republic had a series of strict laws regarding fishing.  It was one of the main economic activities in the city. The laws also covered the equipment that a fisherman could use, where he could fish and how long he could spend fishing.

Gondolas, poppets and oars

by Un Amico a Venezia

Gondolas, poppets and oarsGondola or rather an ark, or a chest, from ancient Greek etymon. Maybe a closed space, protected, within which few precious riches had been kept belonging to the first inhabitants of the lagoon. Since the most ancient times, this boat has been a key element that the life and survival of Venice depended on.

The Saline

The SalineThe first inhabitants of the lagoon were refugees from the cities that were under Barbaric attack. They were people used to a level of wealth and that suddenly found themselves in a hostile environment and difficult to cultivate. The only activity that promised some hope of economic stability was trading and navigation with the people in Dalmatia, Istria and Ravenna who were under Byzantine rule.

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