L'isola dalle spiagge di sabbia sottile e dorata e dai verdi paesaggi delle oasi naturalistiche.


Le Tègnue di Pellestrina

Le Tègnue di Pellestrina Al largo delle coste veneziane, davanti al litorale di Pellestrina e San Pietro in Volta, a circa 20 metri di profondità si trovano le Tégnue, formazioni calcaree che emergono dai fondali formando delle vere e proprie nicchie ecologiche piene di anfratti rocciosi e popolate da alghe, molluschi e altre specie animali e vegetali.

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Sand dunes at the Alberoni

Oasi AlberoniThe sand dunes at the Alberoni have been protected by the World Wildlife Fund since 1997.  It covers an area of 160 hectares and is located at the extreme southern point of the Island of Lido, after the small district known as Malamocco.
It comprises 2 kms of dunes that extend from the Murazzi to the dyke or pier at the Alberoni and from which grows a pine forest of 30 hectares. It is an important eco-natural habitat where a large avifauna chooses to live and hibernate.


SpiaggiaLido’s golden sanded beaches are a great hideaway for Venetians seeking a bit of time out to enjoy the sun and sea while staying close to home.  Lido is one of least crowded parts of the Adriatic coast but thanks to its close vicinity to Venice, it is the perfect holiday spot for tourists who want to combine culture with beach time.
Once the island was a drawcard for Europe’s noble elite.  From 1857, the year in which the first great bathing establishment was built, tourists began to arrive making it Europe’s most elegant seaside get away.

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