Il forestiero che arriva a Venezia dal rumore del mondo, approda in una specie di liquido amniotico del silenzio.

Historic itineraries

itinerari storici Founded around 450 B.C. by populations escaping the mainland because of Attila's barbaric invasions, Venice was built on more than 100,000 piles embedded in mud to lay the solid foundations on which the magnificent buildings are built. A wood turned upside-down whose trees in absence of oxygen have with time become like stones and exactly its unique mysterious conformation and precariousness of such fearless work have made few parties announce for centuries its imminent death. But Venice has still survived intact for centuries...

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Naturalistic itineraries

itinerari naturalisticiNot far from the most beaten routes by the mass tourism, another Venice offers its visitors the possibility to penetrate into that wise but uncertain equilibrium which constitutes the lagoon ecosystem. It is Venice of the lagoon and its islands, a wide outstretch of water and semi-immersed lands where the time is beaten by the flows of the tides, the traditional boats stubbornly resist the noisy aggressiveness of the engines, the colours of water blend with the red bricks of buildings and where the sandbanks welcome their inhabitants:little egrets, herons, seagulls...

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Cultural itineraries

itinerari culturali"If the world had to be catalogued by type, Venice would surely have a separate category". This is how a Nobel prize winner Joseph Brodsky synthetically defines the city in the famous book Watermark.
Nietzsche said that if he'd had to think of a synonym for music, he would have said Venice. Anyhow, it is impossible to be indifferent towards a city that in such violent way assails the senses and which concentrates the religious, artistic and cultural history of Europe in few square miles of water and stone.

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Romantic itineraries

itinerari romanticiVenice is undoubtedly the best place where to get lost, loved or allow to be seduced.
No map of Venice can help a visitor to safely walk around it so isn’t it the best opportunity to solemnly get lost in the city’s labyrinth experiencing a crazy thrill of abandonment and in a snug setting of the stone womb which constitutes the city?
And what other strong emotion, if not love, leads us astray with irrational shiver of abandonment?

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Itinerari eno-gastronomici

itinerari enogastronomiciLa cucina veneziana ha una grande, millenaria tradizione, che ne fa una delle più varie e pregiate del mondo.
Essa è legata al particolare territorio della città lagunare, in cui acqua e terra si compenetrano strettamente, e alla sua grande storia fatta di dominazioni e di intense attività commerciali con l'Oriente e con paesi molto lontani...

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