Naturalistic itineraries

itinerari naturalisticiNot far from the most beaten routes by the mass tourism, another Venice offers its visitors the possibility to penetrate into that wise but uncertain equilibrium which constitutes the lagoon ecosystem. It is Venice of the lagoon and its islands, a wide outstretch of water and semi-immersed lands where the time is beaten by the flows of the tides, the traditional boats stubbornly resist the noisy aggressiveness of the engines, the colours of water blend with the red bricks of buildings and where the sandbanks welcome their inhabitants:little egrets, herons, seagulls...

It is an ambient not less authentically Venetian, one Venice where the nature undisputedly dominates, but where the signs of a man and his history also tell the city's origins themselves: a world remained intact by miracle, similar to the one that in the sixth century BC welcomed the inhabitants of Aquileia and who, running from Attila and the Huns, would have founded Venice. You will be surprised by the contrast in comparison to short distanced St Mark's Square with its crowds, pigeons and souvenir stalls…

In these pages, we propose to you a series of naturalistic itineraries in the north and south lagoon discovering its pearls of art and history, its ambient aspects, its traditional but also unusual destinations, far away from mass tourism, where you can choose between different routes which, starting from the historic centre of Venice (pier/landing stage Fondamenta Nuove), touching the islands and places that can be reached by means of public transport and then traversed on foot or by bicycle.

It is a visit which foresees the exploration of the North lagoon amongst the islands of Murano and Burano with their productive traditions and historic palaces, the island-cemetery of San Michele, the "gardens of the Serenissima", the agricultural islands of Sant'Erasmo and Vignole, amongst the typical lagoon landscapes of Treporti and Lio Piccolo, up to place characterised by monuments which bring us back to the origins of the Republic of Venice like the island of Torcello.

The visit continues to the South lagoon, crossing the island which host ancient monasteries and religious centres like San Lazzaro of the Armenians and San Servolo, up to the coasts of Lido, where it is possible to stop for a while on its worldly and crowded beaches, amongst chic icons of the Cinema Festival, advance up to the ancient Basilica of Malamocco, to the mouth of Alberoni port and then cross by ferryboat and continue along the solitary sandy tongues of Pellestrina, in a suggestive cycling route between the sea and the lagoon until arrival to the Natural Oasis of Ca’ Roman to observe the unpolluting fish valleys which extend as far as the eye can see, almost up to Chioggia.
During the boat journeys between one island and another you can observe the aquatic ambient with its vast flora and fauna varieties and enjoy the inimitable lagoon landscape with its mute outstretches where earth and water melt in harmonious symbiosis; surely, it would be ideal to have a private boat on disposal to stop for a while in the most unusual and hidden spaces, but for the ones who don't have this possibility the public transport means offer in any case a valid solution since they arrive almost everywhere. It is always advisable to get daily ACTV tickets.

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