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itinerari romanticiVenice is undoubtedly the best place where to get lost, loved or allow to be seduced.
No map of Venice can help a visitor to safely walk around it so isn’t it the best opportunity to solemnly get lost in the city’s labyrinth experiencing a crazy thrill of abandonment and in a snug setting of the stone womb which constitutes the city?
And what other strong emotion, if not love, leads us astray with irrational shiver of abandonment?

In Venice, you can lose yourself on a dreamlike discovery route of the beautiful and the sublime, and who would be your best companion if not your lover, with whom to get abandoned, hand in hand, whispering to each other well forgotten words so that you can fall in love again in an ecstatic and cathartic experience?

Here we give you these itineraries designed to discover routes still available to lovers and shrewd travellers who could go back over Casanova's secret places and scenes of his amorous adventures, or mysterious and legendary places in Corto Maltese's Venice
Is it a coincidence that the famous libertine with a keen interest in the pleasure of senses was born and grew up in the city of love par excellence or could we perhaps ask ourselves if he had become characteristic because he was Venetian… or that a fascinating sailor from Malamocco, an untiring traveller from Hugo Pratt's adventures always comes back to his loving Venice after his travels?
Venice is a place of love and mystery, a place where senses prevail over rationality, almost like a scene created from eternity pervaded with the atmosphere and magic which even today gives presents to lovers of all types and origin, capable of bewitching even the most distracted couch-potato couples.
A sunray which slantingly falls onto a dark lane, a quiet canal disturbed by a furtive drop that falls, a wave that licks a stone, a mysterious open window, a deafening silence that reawakens our senses…
The water of Venice softly caresses the stones in a never-ending and slow movement that goes towards the stasis without ever reaching it… and so we can discover how the water is caressed by a gondola like a woman's skin is smoothed or how to dip an oar into water like an artist dips his brush into paint during his moment of creation…
A sublime place where water, earth and sky meet each other through harmony of the sculpted stones, as in a sense-liberating dance…
In the same way how love becomes a liaison between an object and its reflection, in a city made of water this axiom becomes a cause of unique and unrepeatable plots on a topic of love.
The water in Venice offers twice as much to its beauty but the city is eternal, timeless, while we are on the go, fleeting; on the contrary, the beauty remains because it's eternal as love which is bigger and more infinite than the one who loves…


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