Il litorale in cui Thomas Mann ambientò il romanzo “Morte a Venezia” e in cui Luchino Visconti girò l'omonimo film.

The Planetarium on Lido

PlanetarioThe Planetarium on Lido brings together science and history, imagination with scientific explanations, plus comfort and warmth while admiring the heavens.  The opening of this centre has filled in the hole left over when the centre at St Nicolò’s convent was closed.  Amateur Venetian astronomers can now enjoy themselves again.

Palazzo del Podestà

Palazzo Podestà MalamoccoThe Palazzo del Podestà, or Palazzo Pretoriale, is a Gothic Venetian style building from the 1400s in Piazza Maggiore in Malamocco.  It is located in front of the Church S.Maria Assunta.  It was the seat of the mayor who governed Malamocco up until 1339.

Permanent exhibition on Metamauco

Locandina Mostra MetamaucoA permanent exhibition has been set up in the Palazzo del Podestà, in the medieval suburb called Malamocco. It as organised by Venice’s Soprintendenze, the Venetian research team (Equipe Veneziana di Ricerca) and the Municipalità di Lido Pellestrina.

Little Museum of the Southern Lagoon

Laguna SudThis museum was founded thanks to the Municipality of Lido and Pellestrina and the local residents’ association.  The aim is to preserve objects and instruments tied to the history and traditions of the lagoon.

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