È una città viva, tipica del nostro tempo, dove la sorpresa è nascosta dietro l’angolo della strada.
Gian Antonio Cibotto

Candiani Summer Fest 2009


Candiani Summer Fest 2009The Candiani Summer Fest promises a wide range of meetings and shows in this year’s programme.

Between June and July, 2009 the Centro Culturale Candiani will examine walking as a theme.  After the great success of last year’s theme on clouds, this year will have film, readings, concerts, performances and meetings centering on a theme that is sure to capture the public’s interest and that goes beyond being simply a physical activity.

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Ottavia Piccolo leads the Mestre Film Fest jury


Mestre fil festThe elegant and refined Ottavia Piccolo, Italian film and theatre actress will lead the jury in the Short Stories section of the 12th Mestre Film Fest which will be held from 20th to 24th October, 2009 at the Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre.

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Nature 2009 - Fiera del Naturale e del Benessere


Nature 2009 - Fiera del Naturale e del Benessere"Nature – Fiera del Naturale e del Benessere"  stands amongst the newest and most relaxed realities in the Italian landscape of trade shows.
A rich program of activity is expected for this 2009 trade: conferences, workshops, displays, thematic exhibitions, wine-and-food tasting and professional meetings, initiatives to promote new tourist routes, sports shows, the baptism of the saddle, trips by canoe, theatre and music performances, didactic farms and much, much more.

November Woman: initiative against violence to women


November Woman: initiative against violence to womenFrom the 5th to the 24th of November the "Centro Donna-Servizio Cittadinanza delle donne e culture delle differenze" has planned a series of initiatives: performances, discussions, readings, seminars, all directed to awakening public opinion to the theme of violence against women.

Heineken Festival 2007 al parco San Giuliano

di Roberta Nalesso | redazione MV

Attese 250 mila persone per l’Heineken Jammin’ Festival, uno dei più grandi raduni pop-rock europei, che quest’anno si svolgerà al Parco San Giuliano di Venezia dal 14 al 17 giugno 2007.

The Venice Med(F)Est


The Venice Med(F)EstThis is the first edition of the Venice Med(F)Est, a festival  that celebrates the Mediterranean and Eastern European Cultures, from the 3rd July to 3rd August, 2008.


Conto alla rovescia per l'Heineken Festival 2007

di Roberta Nalesso | redazione MV

Nonostante le polemiche dei giorni scorsi sollevate dall'Enpa e dalle associazioni ambientaliste che hanno chiesto a Comune, Provincia e Ministero per l'ambiente di spostare la location dell'Heineken Jammin' Festival da San Giuliano, sono iniziati i lavori di allestimento della cittadella del rock che per quattro giorni ospiterà nel parco i circa 200 mila spettatori previsti provenienti da tutta Europa...

the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008


the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008Here are the names of the winners of the 'Heineken Jammin Contest 2008, the music competition organised by Heineken in collaboration with Jungle Sound.  The contest will bring 18 new bands to the stage for the 11th edition of the Heineken Jammin’ Festival, in programme at Parco San Giuliano, Venezia-Mestre from 20th to 22nd June.

Marghera Village Estate 2008


Marghera Village Estate 2008From 11th June to 24th August, 2008 MARGHERA ESTATE VILLAGE will be back at the Parco Panorama in Marghera for its 10th edition.

Nature 2008

Nature 2008by Lucia Cattaneo | :venews
Good food, sweet cares, natural ways and traditions.
Nature: be there or be square! The fourth edition of Nature, a trade fair for natural living and wellness is back in Venice on 25 April 2008.

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