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Belvedere Hotel- Venice Lido

Belvedere RestaurantIn 1812 our ancestor Francesco rented a vegetable garden  in piazzale S.M. Elisabetta and made it into a trattoria. From that day our family has maintained his initial dream and developed that same vegetable garden into a well known restaurant and a comfortable hotel.  Today, as in the past, our restaurant is one of the best known in Venice and is well loved by Venetians, Lido residents and tourists alike who are on the look out for the authentic, healthy  traditional cooking that our region can be proud of.

We give special attention to meat and fish.  To give credit to the traditional Venetian recipes which rely first and foremost on simplicity,  our ingredients are always fresh and top quality.

Carlo, Rosa e Paolo are at your disposition.  Our chefs, Cristian e Claudio are ready to thrill your senses with their specialities: spaghetti alla corsara, gondolier’s spaghetti (winner of the del  “ANTICA ZUPPIERA 1980” award), gnocchetti alla grancevola, sardines and scampi in sweet and sour onions, fabulous grilled and fried Venetian style fish.

Seating is either in our dining room, which sometimes offers its walls to young artists to exhibit their work, or in the open air with its romantic and relaxing view over the sunset on Venice lagoon. Enjoy a homemade ice cream prepared with love by the owners and relax and enjoy the view.

The chefs

Cristian, originally comes from the island of Pellestrina where he first learned the simple fish based recipes that form the basis of his repertoire.  He has worked in Italy and abroad and brings a youthful  freshness and dynamism to our kitchens.

Claudio joined us recently.  He has long work experience in many Venetian restaurants.  He makes sure to keep our menu on the traditional track.

Hotel Restaurant Belvedere
P.le S.M. Elisabetta, 4
30126 Lido Venezia

Tel. +39 041 52 22 264


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