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Carnival 2010 - Spirits of the past, a gathering of souls among potions, manuscripts and...magic

Carnival 2010 - Spirits of the past, a gathering of souls among potions, manuscripts and...magicThroughout many centuries, several famous characters have stayed at the Metropole, such as T.Mann, M. Proust, S. Freud. Historical spirits that have crossed its lounges and its rooms since unmemorable time.
Ghosts of the past, yet they are coming again to life to celebrate a special evening on Friday 12nd February at 7 p.m.

Whispering souls, voices and sounds in the silence, shadows that pass you by undisturbed: a party with ancient nobles as protagonists, dames and duchesses as if coming down from hanged old paintings, but also famous writers, artists and scientists of distant times. Or else angelic ghosts that wander through wide and abandoned lounges, with old musical instruments, hourglasses, iron chandeliers, thrones, stills, candles, old manuscripts as well as weird ingredients for magic potions.

Soft light all around spotted by webs, pale-faced characters who softly brushes by the guests. A merry-lugubrious party of souls from the past looking  for magic recipes, a gathering of illustrious minds returning from ages of Revolutions, conquests and inventions. It will be simply amazing to admire the thousand details that, like in a movie set, will create a breathtaking atmosphere, a joyful night and an irresistible will to have fun.

The gorgeous dinner by Chef Corrado Fasolato recently awarded with the Tre Forchette (Top Score) by Gambero Rosso Guide and above all with the second Michelin Star will be the final touch for a splendid evening. He will play with shapes and flavors to amaze your taste and thrill your senses.


Pleasant secrets from the chef and a toast with
“Franciacorta Montenisa Magnum”

Adriatic scallops injected with their own coral, chestnuts purée, Sevruga caviar, licorice
Soave Classico Campo Vulcano 2008 I Campi

Hand-made pasta “tortelli” with a “scampi” filling in a “parma” ham “consommé” thickened smoked milk and tiny vegetables.
Soave Classico Campo Vulcano 2008 I Campi

Creamed barley with saffron and quail stuffed with “foie gras” and
the surprising coffee powder
Sauvignon Vieris Vie di Romans

Best quality of sucking pig from ‘Cinta senese’ confit in its own delicate fat and  
green apple
Sacrantino di Montefalco Tenute Alzamura

Parfait of creamy sweet “mascarpone” cheese with pineapple fritters marinated with white ice cream and coconut puffs
Moscato d’Asti De Miranda  2006 Contratto
  • The costume is obligatory, a simple face mask with the smoking is fine as well. Even better a costume matching the theme of the party

  • Price of the dinner 200 euros wines included

  • Music selected by the resident Dj Valentino Borgia to dance until night

  • Famous opera arias as a amazing backgraound of the aperitif. Together with the protagonists of the party, a further, deep voice of the past.
For information and reservation call center VeneziaSi (eveyday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. tel. 041 5222264 or 199 173309)
When: On Feb-12-2010
Where: Hotel Metropole

Entry: 200 euro wines included

Contacts: Metropole Hotel
Riva degli Schiavoni 4149
30122 Venezia

Email: info@veneziasi.it
Opening: 7 p.m.


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