Città inverosimile che si deve avvicinare soltanto in barca e venendo da lontano.
Thomas Mann

Getting to Venice by car

arrivare in autoIt's better if you decide not to arrive to Venice by car but if you really want to - or maybe you ought to! - you must leave your car in one of the car parks near Venice, Piazzale Roma (the bus terminal) or Tronchetto and then you can continue by foot or by boat...

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Getting to Venice by plane

arrivare in aereoIf you arrive in Venice by plane you can easily reach the historic centre with one of the many public transport services connecting Venice with its main airport, Marco Polo or with the Ryanair airport Canova - San Giuseppe.
You can always choose between a wide private transport service of car or water taxis.

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Getting to Venice by train

arrivare in trenoThe best way to reach Venice is by train because you arrive closer to the city centre.
Santa Lucia is Venice's only railway station, located near Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal.

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Getting to Venice by ship

arrivre in naveIf you are among those lucky tourists arriving in Venice by ship, from the port you can easily reach the very heart of Venice, Saint Mark's square, using the private waterbuses of Alilaguna or the public tranport ACTV.

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Getting around Venice

Getting around VeniceVenice is unique in that the ‘roads’ are actually canals but don’t despair - there are footpaths.  The two ways of getting around are either by foot or by boat

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Boat Lines

Boat LinesThe best way to see the city, feel the atmosphere and discover the hidden corners is on foot.  If, on the other hand, you want to see the palaces on the Grand Canal and are strapped for time, it is best to take a boat.  The public boat service, run by the Actv, stops at all the main points of interest in the city and outlying islands.

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Bus Lines

Bus LinesThe Actv runs bus lines in the islands of Lido and Pellestrina, (where cars and bus are authorised to run) and in the mainland. Bus lines also connect Venice proper with the mainland and various routes throughout the territory in Mestre and Marghera.

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Actv changes with Imob

Actv changes with Imob
The transport company, Actv has moved into the future with the introduction of innovative electronic ticketing  - its new imob.venezia card system.  The new smart card guarantees efficient, fast, hassle free transportation to both residents and visitors alike.
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