Actv changes with Imob

Actv cambia con Imob
Actv changes with Imob
The transport company, Actv has moved into the future with the introduction of innovative electronic ticketing  - its new imob.venezia card system.  The new smart card guarantees efficient, fast, hassle free transportation to both residents and visitors alike.

Imob is the new electronic ticketing system to replace the now obsolete paper tickets.  The new travel card comes in two versions to satisfy customer needs.

Imob.venezia replaces the old seasonal Carta Venezia ticket giving the customer the advantage of more than one way to travel – pay as you go with one off tickets, seasonal passes or a block of tickets.

The old fashioned paper ticket is replaced by an electronic ticket
, made of a material less rigid than the Imob.  This ticket can be bought for a one off boat ride or as a block of tickets.
These tickets, with a contactless chip system must be validated before the journey by passing the ticket, within 6 cms, in front of a small Imob unit posted at every boat stop.

The new tenchologically advanced Imob system deals methodically and efficiently with the influx of passengers to improve public transport. 
It will also help in gathering information on the movement of passengers and thus can improve routes, timetables and tariffs for both passenger and car ferry.
All tickets for your imob.venezia card can be bought at Hellovenezia ticket booths found throughout the city.

Purchasing Imob is faster and more efficient.
The smart card can also be used to buy tickets to shows and events.

There are many advantages for students, between 6 and 26 years old.  They can buy a season ticket which saves up to two to four months off the actual price.


How do I change my old travel cards to imob.venezia?

Old CartaVenezia and/or Tessera di Abbonamento (season ticket) users with an expiry date before 31.05.08 can fill out a form at all Hellovenezia ticket booths or the new imob booths or from  authorised sellers (identificabile by their imob signs).

The forms must be filled out, apart from the central piece and you will be given a provisory card.  A new imob card will be ready in 15 days.

Those with a CartaVenezia and/or an abbonamento (season ticket) with an expriy date after 31.05.08 can order their new card on line at no cost.

From the 4th June, 2007, from Hellovenezia booths and authorised sellers, you can hand in your old Carta Venezia and season card Actv for a new imob card.

Up to November 2007, when imob will come into use, imob can be used along with the old paper tickets. 
From 1st November, 2007 the new imob tickets will be sold..  All old tickets including season and CartaVenezia can be substituted up until 31st May and will be valid until 1st June 2008.

For further information please visit the Imob Venezia web site : Imob Venezia or the Call Centre041 24 24.


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