Getting around Venice

Getting around VeniceVenice is unique in that the ‘roads’ are actually canals but don’t despair - there are footpaths.  The two ways of getting around are either by foot or by boat

The footpaths are called ‘calli’ in Venice.  No cars, trucks, buses or bikes are allowed into the city, even though some bike riders occasionally think they are the exception to the rule!

Seeing Venice by foot, in a comfortable pair of shoes and a map in hand, is without a doubt the best way to discover the city’s tiny streets, squares, bridges and discover a few hidden surprises along the way.

The Actv vaporetti or water buses have a network of routes that cover the entire city and even the most remote islands. 
Seeing Venice by boat can be a relaxing way to observe Venice’s 1,500 years of history in which clearly, man and water go hand in hand.

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