Second Michelin Star for Chef Corrado Fasolato

The 2009, a wonderful year for the Met Restaurant

Second Michelin Star for Chef Corrado FasolatoThe 2009 is undoubtedly a fantastic year for Chef Corrado Fasolato. The celebrations for the “Tre Forchette” (top score) by Gambero Rosso Guide were not finished yet, when another, even more glamorous award has come, equally unexpected. The Met Restaurant has won the second Michelin Star. The cuisine by Chef Corrado Fasolato keeps on triumphing, and has become in Venice the only one restaurant with such a title.

The award was given in Milan last 23rd of November where the Chef was attending the presentation of the 2010 edition of the prestigious guide: a huge, deep satisfaction, but also the right prize for a constant effort of a chef and his extremely talented staff. From the display of the dish, to the combinations of ingredients, to the selection of wines and even the choice of the right music sound, they have started un unstoppable rise to the stars. In a particular year where none has been spared by the crisis, such a victory has made him even more proud, especially if we consider that only 7 restaurants out of 37 in Italy have won the second star this year.

Chef Fasolato with this achievement denies a insidious belief according which the Venetian cuisine is merely for tourists. His success and the celebrity growing every year more are an evidence of the contrary: a volcanic creativity brings him to constantly reinvent his dishes, from colors to structure; he has a staff that follows enthusiastically his experiments and his new culinary inventions. Then the service, gentle, attentive and warm has certainly been an additional element for the approbation of an exigent commission such as the Michelin.

There are in fact five criteria to pass if you want to achieve this important prize: the quality of products, the control of flavors and cooking methods, the level of the Chef’s personality you perceive in the dish, the relation between quality and price and finally the ability to maintain in time the continuity of a specific gastronomic imprint.
And now the most requiring challenge, to keep the standard and fulfill the everyday more exigent requests by customers. If this year goes on being so profitable for Fasolato, there should be any problem at all. Meanwhile let’s start again to celebrate.

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