A year in Venice: all the events of 2010 in the city

A year in Venice: all the events of 2010 in the city2009 has been a rich year for Venice: the opening of two important museums, Fondazione Vedova and the contemporary art museum of François Pinault at Punta della Dogana, and the success of Biennale Arte  Fare Mondi // Making Worlds (375.702 visitors) are some examples. The city wants to confirm the success of the past year with a rich calendar of 2010 events. Here’s some. 

The city is already preparing the first big event of the year, Venice Carnival – Sensation 2010, that will surprise you with party, animations, music and masks from february 6th to 16th.

The Salone Nautico Internazionale di Venezia, also known as Festival of the sea, will take place then on March, from 18 to 21. It’s a not-to-be-missed appointment for navigation and sea lovers.

It will be followed on april by the non competitive march Su e Zo per i ponti on Sunday 18th and by the traditional Sain’t Mark Celebration on Sunday 25th.
From May 14th to 16th it’s the turn of MareMaggio, a path that begins from the past and looks to the future,  in one of the most fascinating places of Venice: The Ancient Arsenal. On the same weekend the city will celebrate the Festa della Sensa (Ascension Day Festival) with the traditional and famous marriage to the sea, while the following week the city’s waters will host the traditional regatta Vogalonga, a celebration for the entire ‘people of the oar,’ and today, just as in the beginning, it is a peaceful testimony against the wave-motion, so dangerous for the city and the lagoon.

In June all the lights will be pointed on Venice Lido, the location of one of the most important event of the sport’s season: Casinò di Venezia Gran Galà dei Campioni, a figure-skating festival, scheduled for Saturday 19th.  

Don’t forget then the Venice Biennale’s appoitments:

•    7. International Festival Internazionale of Contemporary Dance, “Capturing Emotions” directed by Ismael Ivo,  from May 26th to June 12th

•    12. International Architecture Exhibition, "People Meet In Architecture",  directe by Kazuyo Sejima, from August 29th to September 21st

•    54. International Festival of Contemporary Music,  directed by Luca Francesconi, from September 24th to October 2nd

•    67. Venice International Film Festival, directed by Marco Müller, from September 1st to 11th

•    Biennale Teatro, le cui date e programma sono ancora in via di definizione

But the most eagerly-awaited event of summer is Redentore that will tale place on Saturday July 17th (the religious celebration is on Sunday) with it’s breathtaking show of fireworks and boats on the bacino San Marco.
Don’t forget also Sunday 5th September, on that day there will be the most important competition of the rowing season: the Historical Regatta.
Another sport event is scheduled from 24th to 26th, the Salone del Volo – Festival dell’Aria is dedicated to aviation with meetings, stands and Air Extreme show.

The first Sunday of October don’t miss the appointment with grape must festival on Sant’Erasmo Island and on Sunday 24th with Venice Marathon, the  running competition that from Riviera del Brenta arrives in Venice.

Finally, we want to remember another traditional event for venetians: Madonna della Salute.

Stay tuned on VeneziaSi for more updates on 2010's events in Venice!



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