CARNIVAL 2010 - Carnivals of the World

06 – 16 February - Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice

CARNIVAL 2010 - Carnivals of the WorldVenice, the city famous for its carnival, will host in one of its most beautiful historical buildings a kermesse of Carnivals of the world, with special performances of artists of all the continents.

A mix of famous musicians, actors, dancers, will bring you around the world, exploring different cultures and customs, and reviving Venice as the multicultural city, key place between Europe and the World, that has been during the Serenissima Republic.

Let Yourself be involved by the music and dances in these exclusive parties, translating Yourself in a world of fun and entertainment, where the tradition of Carnival will mix with great musicians.

Live Your Carnival with us!



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