Lagoon festivities

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

Lagoon festivitiesHints, events and more to run through Christmas holidays in Venice...
Christmas in the Lagoon has the flavour of privilege, of a city where life is made to be lived well, without throngs at shopping centres, without the bother of urban policemen, ready to fine us for any little impropriety.

If around Christmastime there is fog in the air, and biting cold that makes you wrap heavy scarves around your neck, well...
This is, after all, the near perfection of old-fashioned Christmases, when it was really cold, but the fragrance of citrus fruits greeted the frosty noses of folks passing by along the streets.

How lovely to see the Rialto Market more crowded than ever, to feel that the city is alive.
How nice to listen to the eager voices which await the festivities, which, in the best of traditions, never quite live up to expectations.

The restaurants propose scrumptious menus, the hotels deck themselves in their finest; everything revolves around culinary triumphs.

Not lacking, either, are "delicious" cultural opportunities for enjoying the Christmas Concert in Saint Mark's Basilica and the already traditional New Year's Concert at the Fenice.

Following Christmas, everything concentrates on New Year's Eve: lights and acrobats in Saint Mark's Square, that huge "living room" of the city which in the last years has become the ideal scenario for collective toasts that grow ever grander, making Venice the ideal place for a night of celebration at all levels, from the sumptuous, exclusive gala dinners of mythic local celebrities, to cheaper solutions, or private parties in historic buildings.
In Venice, everyone can indicate his magical, secret place, where in the company of a bottle of champagne, two flutes and an iPod, he or she may invent a celebration... But do try some champagne! A prosecco, or a fine cartizze... Prosit!


by Fabio Marzari | :venews
Tr. M.F.
dicembre 2007 


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