Continue »..Play-rew-forward-stop..«

audio-video music series

Continue »..Play-rew-forward-stop..« The audio-video music series »..Play-rew-forward-stop..« will continue at the Palazzo Cini at San Vio from October to December, when it will come to a close. The remaining two short series, entitled after the forward and stop buttons on video players, are intended to convey a powerful impression of the plurality of passions, of the “forward” and “stop” in artistic research.

FORW as frenzy as ebb-&-flow

3 October Hymn to the sacred mushroom – An expedition into Cage’s semiosphere
10 October Glenn Gould videogame – Live genius
17 October Vespero nocturne as project
24 October Vjesh/Canto – In search of the enclave song
31 October Fp & Pf – (the) 2 (two) Orfei – Two metamorphoses of the Furies’ scene
7 November Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte – A vision of Schoenberg’s anti-fascist poem

STOP as stop

12 December Helicopter String Quartet – The tale of an elevation





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