Venezia, la città dai 170 campanili.

Venezia e l’Islam


Venezia e l’IslamThe exhibition of the year. After Paris and New York, Palazzo Ducale testifies the extraordinary role of Venice in the relationship between East and West.

Calatrava bridge: the second step

by Roberta Nalesso | VeneziaSì editorial staff

Calatrava bridge: the second stepWhile Venice is getting ready for the great opening of its fourth bridge over the Grand Canal and it's trying to choose an appropriate name for its 431th bridge, in the Port of Marghera  everything is ready for the second step of the assembling of the bridge connecting the train station with Piazzale Roma, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

Palazzo Grassi: contemporary art sequences


Palazzo Grassi: contemporary art sequencesAt Palazzo Grassi, François Pinault inaugurated, last month, the first of a sequence of expositions dedicated to the strong points of his contemporary art collection, placing on display works of sixteen artists who have expressed their talent in painting and sculpture, following personal paths of reflection and approach to techniques and materials.

Molino Stucky Hilton

by Fabio Marzari | :venews

Molino StuckyThe Hilton in Venice: an important new presence in the already vast hotel panorama of the city, as well as an admirable recovery operation in an area which, for too many years, was the object of projects, polemics, idle chatter.

Bill Viola and his presences from the other world

Bill Viola and his presences from the other world Ocean without a Shore is the title of the new project by Bill Viola who, until 24 November, will be present in the fascinating setting of the San Gallo church, near Saint Mark's Square.

Omar Galliani and the great Italian drawing in China


Omar Galliani and the great Italian drawing in ChinaUntil the 16th of september theQuerini Stampalia Foundation hosts the exibition Between East and West. Omar Galliani and the Great Italian Drawing in China, an event of the 52 Venice Biennale art exibition.

Sophie Calle at the French Pavillion


Sophie Calle at the French Pavillion«Take care of yourself, 2007» is the work presented by Sophie Calle at the French Pavilion, of the Venice Biennale 2007.

Russian Pavillion: shower with a view


Russian Pavillion: shower with a viewA great touching-screen, a net-art project, technology which links up the users of a site with the physical space of the Biennial: Click I hope welcomes the visitors to the Russian Pavilion and proposes itself, ingenuously perhaps, as being able to transform the first person singular, that is, all of us, at the same time and in dislocation, into enjoyers of art/members of a virtual community/active subjects of hope.

Padiglione Georgia: il dinamismo scultoreo di Tamara Kvesitadze


Padiglione Georgia: il dinamismo scultoreo di Tamara KvesitadzeArt and life, like an eternal return. "What fascinates me is movement, dynamism. The mechanical aspect of my works is linked to the concept of change, transformation, the circular evolution of life". The entire artistic research of Tamara Kvesitadze is based upon the relation between the idea of "mechanical" and "organic":

Baselitz pays tribute to Vedova at the Venetian pavilion


Baselitz pays tribute to Vedova at the Venetian pavilionThe core of the exposition at the Venice Pavilion is a cultural project promoted by Regione Veneto, the Province of Venice and the Venice Municipality. Its aim is to give back this exposition space to Veneto's culture, in an international context, conceived as a meeting place for ideas, persons, and languages which encounter each other beyond the geographical boundaries of the region.

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