Il nuovo spettacolo del Carnevale 2012

Uno spettacolo teatrale itinerante

Il nuovo spettacolo del Carnevale 2012 From mid XV century, Venetian noblemen, in order to light their paths, used be escorted into their night walks by a lantern keeping servant called "Codega". This Carnival follow this curios mask and discover Venice. 

Throught his curious tales, today visitors will be accompanied through unusual and secret sites in Venice, apart from the peaceful yet confused Carnival crows with the aim to discover historical curiosities of Serenissima everyday life forget by great characters yet as by minor events. 

We will discover that one day the Devil got out of a palace wall, and at present times the hole is still noticeable; that the plague keeps away from a very city's site, that an elephant escaped from its cage to find shelter in a church, where instead found its death; that theatre as such a became part of the Venetian city to an extend that even nuns and priests used to attend;  will meet with Giacomo Casanova, Cecilia Zen Tron, the Levantino ghost and a very special Virgin. 



Every day from Saturday 11th until Tuesday 21th February 2012 as follows in English at 12,00, 2.30 and 4 pm. 

Departure grom Ticketing office in St. Mark's Square.

Duration 1h



Aduls € 29,00

Youngster betwwn 12 and 18 years of age € 15,00

Free entry for teenagers under 12 years of age.


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When: From Feb-4-2012 To Feb-21-2012

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