Venice summer alphabet

by :venews

Venice summer alphabetThe Venice summer alphabet from A to Z: places, events, tips for what to see and where to go in Venice during summertime!


Not only the historic dikes on the Venetian beach, not just the natural harbour for small boats on Sunday, not just more alternative "natural" beaches, but now also cult places for after hours on the beach.

This place, which was born on the wrong side of the bed and grew up even worse, is now experiencing a surprising Renaissance.It ia a real open club on the beach, with live international programs, a restaurant, an open-air movie theatre. It's in Lido. Unbelievable!

For years, this was the only on air dimension during Venice's empty summer. Even today, in a city that offers so much more, it remains a must for everyone. At San Polo, in the heart of Venice, cinema is really "something else".

Summer is for dancing. An exposition is demonstrating this now, by means of an extraordinary photographic journey into youth fads. At the Jarach Gallery, two top photographers, Basilico and Vitali, among vintage black and white and vivid colour photos.

Incredible but true: in Venice, there is someone who sets precedents... and with culture! With Line 20, passing by two marvellous islands, San Servolo and San Lazzaro degli Armeni, up to Lido, expositions and events in the heart of the Lagoon.

The city is boiling hot. It's always like that on August 15. Everyone rushes to the beach, to enjoy barbecues and improvised pseudoraves.
With Blue Moon, Aurora Beach, Pachuka, alberoni, a continuous straight-ahead party with one's eyes gazing toward Jesolo and its fireworks.


So who ever said that August is not the right time for art? Well, that depends, that depends... Traditional museums are one thing; something else is the great contemporary circus. An exciting journey inside and outside, between the Giardini and the Arsenale.


The 26th of August is the birthday of the great Peggy. As always at the Guggenheim, something original will be invented, like this concert by Sollima inspired by the Beuys and Barney exposition, ranging from the Beuys Songs to Von Biber, from Hendrix to Vivaldi. Pure crossover!


Don't worry, this is not a boorish alarm with a confused western air. Quite to the contrary: it is a great invitation to journey into the history of the sometimes conflictive, sometimes fertile relations between the Serenissima and the East. At the Doge's Palace, naturally!


Even the stones must be sick and tired of this definition, which is stuck onto any old hole in the wall where there is a compilation Buddha bar.
Yet this is the rage, and even here there are some lounges: Centrale, the just-opened Dogado, Aurora.

A winning formula: the mainland festival for permanent unity, with a decidedly world flavour.
Arab and Brazilian cuisine, high-decibel music, and, above all, a great popular square.

By boat across the Lagoon, on the beach or on a marvellous covered rooftop; but maybe the best place to admire the falling stars is a two-hour drive away, in the Dolomites, at the Astronomical Observatory of Col Drusciè, Cortina. A flash!


Take a ride in your car outside the city. Drive an hour or a bit more, and you will arrive to Verona.
For those who cannot live without baritones and tenors, go to the Arena, which alexcellent ways remains the Arena, beyond all intellectual snobbishness. Verona always provides a genuine spectacle.

Until we have seen, we will not believe.
Then, when we see, we pinch ourselves, because this seems like a LSD trip. Venice's contemporary sign, which possibly will bloom in the bog.
We're crossing our fingers...

Even Venice is a bit like Naples. Extraordinary theatre stages on which one talks without any restraint or control of volume.
The seconds which pass are narrated, commented, staged. A continuous street spectacle which never goes on holiday.

This is the best way and the best period for getting lost without a compass inside the infinite labyrinth of the Serenissima. The Serenissimi residents melt away.
In every corner you will find surprises. Dazed by the heat, get excited without a map.

The island of vegetable gardens. The agricultural lung of the Lagoon. An island unknown to many, a fantastic rustic place in the middle of the Lagoon, with the skyline of Venice on the horizon.
Buy plenty of vegetables here: they're alexcellent and are grown in native soil.

The Biennial ends in July. Once, this was followed by a scenic desert. This year, not any more.
At the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove there will be the immortal Shakespeare in English. It's about time to present this great idea for our guests...

At the seaside you swim, go to the playground, visit the waterworlds that are shooting up like mushrooms. In Venice, straight ahead to the Natural History Museum, where, between aquariums with live creatures and displays of prehistoric fossils you can relive the true spectacle of a dinosaur, which otherwise you could only do at the movie theatre.

Always a must for native Venetians and foreigners alike. Taking a ride in a little boat is something you'll enjoy doing in the evening.
Once arrived to this placed, immersed in greenery, eat some "fritolin" and have a decanter of white wine.

All right, in Trieste there is the Barcola seafront where you can swim; but it's nothing when compared with this seafront-Lagoon of breathtaking view!
An eternal coast, hoping to become even better; but wonderful as it is today, it is worthy of hosting long, delightful afternoons of drinking and gianduiotti...


written by :venews
August 2007


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