La città che suggerì ai musicisti melodie che cullano in sonni voluttuosi.
Thomas Mann

Il Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco

Il Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco Prenota il tuo posto in prima file per il grande spettacolo di Carnevale. Rivolgiti a VeneziaSì per l'acquisto dei biglietti per gli spettacoli, le sfilate le grandi feste di Piazza San Marco. 
When: From Feb-11-2012 To Feb-21-2012
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Festa della Sensa 2010

Festa della Sensa 2010Every year Venice attracts millions of visitors to events that are famous the world over. The Festa della Sensa, is one of the city's best known festivals that bring to life its thousand year history and its close ties to the sea and the art of "Voga alla Veneta" rowing.


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Feste e sagre in città

Feste e sagre in cittàCon l’arrivo della bella stagione Venezia si anima con feste patronali o di beneficenza che animano i campi della città con stand gastronomici, musica dal vivo, balli e spettacoli di ogni genere. Generalmente poco conosciute dai turisti rispetto alle feste più tradizionali, queste sagre sono molto sentite dai veneziani che vi partecipano numerosi. 

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The Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of VeniceCarnival is one of the oldest traditional feasts of Venice, rooted in the history and the culture of the most unique city in the world. Re-launched two decades ago, thanks to its mix of transgression, art, and fun, today the Carnival of Venice is considered by its inhabitants and tourists as an event not to be missed.

Su e Zo per i ponti

Su e Zo per i ponti Su e zo per i ponti is one of the many traditional events which are organised in Venice at all seasons: it's a non-competitive track for everyone who wants to enjoy a tour around the city together with other people who loves the city and its wonderful lagoon.

Saint Mark day

Saint Mark daySaint Mark's day it's on the 25th of april. In this day Venice celebrates Saint Mark, the patron saint of the city. The 25th of april Italy celebrates also its freedom from the war and the fascism and nazism. 

Festa della Sensa

Festa della SensaThe Festa della Sensa (or Ascension Day Festival) commemorates a Venetian historical victory that took place on Ascension Day (Sensa in Venetian), May the 9th 1000, and confirmed the Serenissima dominion over the Adriatic sea with the famous annual “Nuptial”, symbol of the city's power.


VogalongaVogalonga it’s a spring celebration, born in the ’70 thanks to some Venetians, to remember "Serenissima" traditions and to point citizens and authorities attention at the problem of waves’ movement in Venice.

Venezia Suona

Venezia SuonaVenezia Suona is a music event that takes place in Venice since 1999. Every year Venice becomes an enormous open air stage to listen to concerts and music between campi and campielli of the city...

The feast of Redentore

The feast of Redentore The Redentore is one of the most important festivities in Venice, and it's a tourist attraction thanks to the spectacular firework show that takes place at late night.
The Redentore traditional feast is celebrated every year on the third sunday of July...

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