La città che suggerì ai musicisti melodie che cullano in sonni voluttuosi.
Thomas Mann

The Historical Regata

The Historical Regata The Historical Regata is one of the most picturesque and moving tradition festivities of Venice, attracting Venetians and tourists every year. 


VenicemarathonNasce nel 1986 la prima edizione di una maratona assolutamente originale per il percorso spettacolare su cui si corre e perché l'arrivo é a Venezia, città pedonale per eccellenza. La Venicemarathon, che è diventata ormai un evento tradizionale nel territorio veneziano, e che attrae atleti da tutto il mondo, si ripete ogni anno la quarta domenica di ottobre.

Madonna della Salute day

Madonna della Salute dayEvery year, on November 21, Venetians built a temporary bridge of boats that cross the Grand Canal, connecting San Moisé and Santa Maria del Giglio, for the health's day procession, in Madonna honour. Thousands of people cross the votive bridge and visit the main altar of the imposing Salute Church to give thanks and ask the Virgin Mary to intercede for their health.

Grape Must Festival

Grape Must FestivalThe Grape Must Festival of Sant’Erasmo is one of the most popular feast of the lagoon which take place on the first weekend of October. It is a unique chance to combine heritage and the picturesque landscapes of the north lagoon of Venice and to spend a day in an island still unknown by many tourists.

The Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics

The Palio of the Ancient Maritime RepublicsIt's a yearly boat race between the four Italian Maritime Republics that sailed the seas in medieval times. It's hosted, in turn, on the Mediterranean sea at Amalfi and Genoa, on the Arno in Pisa and on the lagoon in Venice, to celebrate the history and memories of the four maritime cities.

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