La città costruita dai castori, accumulando pezzi di legno fra le onde.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Venice and faiths: crossroads of people and cultures

by Roberta Nalesso | VeneziaSì editor
Venice and faiths: crossroads of people and culturesItinerary that we propose here is a route which will, through art and history of Venice, take you on a discovery search of various religious traditions which have for centuries participated in the political and social life of the city and which are a live testimony of its past, even today.
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San Michele on Island and Murano

by Roberta Nalesso | Redazione VeneziaSi

San Michele on Island and Murano Let’s start our journey in the northern lagoon of Venice by discovering two islands, not far away from the city historic centre, nicknamed respectively island “of the dead” and island “of the flames”: island-cemetery of  San Michele and Murano, the island of the furnaces.

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La Venezia Armena

La Venezia Armena Benvenuti in una Venezia Insolita, rifugio di un antichissimo popolo che ne ha fatto un punto di riferimento culturale e religioso. Un abbraccio ideale tra Oriente e Occidente nella magica atmosfera della Laguna Veneziana.
When: From Nov-30--1 To Nov-30--1
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Mazzorbo, Burano, Torcello

by Roberta Nalesso | Redazione VeneziaSi

Mazzorbo, Burano, Torcello This excursion of interest, not only landscape but also ethnographic and cultural, will lead you to the historic, artistic and popular heart of the north lagoon that offers itself to a visitor, revealing itself in multiple and contradictory aspects of its actual reality. A suggestive experience, to relive one whole day, without harrying, with a soul willing to discover and be astonished by given beauty of nature and traces of history that used to a theatre for this part of the lagoon.

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Vignole, Lazzaretto Nuovo, Sant'Erasmo

Sant ErasmoOne day for discovering islets bent for agriculture in the north lagoon, that still to this day supply a great deal of city markets. From Vignole to Sant'Erasmo, the “vegetable gardens of Serenissima” on Lazzaretto Nuovo which offers its visitors considerable hints of naturalistic and landscape interest.

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Erotic itinerary in Casanova’s Venice

by Roberta Nalesso | Redazione VeneziaSì 

Erotic itinerary in Casanova’s VeniceAn itinerary in Venice and its places inspired by a seducer that literature and countless cinematographic interpretations and representations have most spoken and written about: Giacomo Casanova.

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San Francesco del Deserto

San Francesco del Deserto This itinerary will lead you on discovery of the green conventual complex of the island of San Francesco del Deserto, a tiny island not far away from Burano and Sant'Erasmo and with its gardens and its secret vegetable gardens it today represents a small hermitage of piece and silence amidst north lagoon of Venice.
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San Servolo and San Lazzaro

San Servolo and San Lazzaro This itinerary, that requires an entire day, will take you to the middle of the basin of St Mark’s on the discovery of two places which, for their calling of islands-convents, had for centuries hosted diverse monastic orders that were, in silence and piece of the harmonious and verdant lagoon, rediscovering and oasis of tranquillity, ideal for their necessary seclusion from the world: the island of San Servolo, today headquarters of Venice International University and the island of S. Lazzaro degli Armeni, still occupied by the founding order.
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Paintings by Tintoretto through his famous "last suppers"

Paintings by Tintoretto through his famous "last suppers"A dynamic approach to get to know the art and style of Tintoretto could be the one of following the artist through his sumptuously laid tables and “Last Suppers” during an itinerary in the city that the painter would have definitely approved of, having himself been one of the greatest men of Mannerisms that interpreted through situations of great dynamism and movement.
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