La città costruita dai castori, accumulando pezzi di legno fra le onde.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Salt water gardens, ghebi and barene

Salt water gardens, ghebi and barene The first stop of the itinerary is St Erasmo, an island of ancient farm and fishing tradition. Before the building of two jetties at the end of the 19th century brought a sound change of the morphology of the lagoon inlets, the island marked the boundary between the lagoon and the sea, as shown by the still existing signs. In the 19th century Massimilana Tower was built.

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The north of the lagoon

The north of the lagoon Fish farms, lakes, salt marshes and ghebi (small canals in the salt marshes), with their particular vegetation and variety of fauna, are a source of beauty that has not been yet evaluated as it should and that offers new perspectives of tourist development, away from the traditional itineraries and aimed to a sensible use of natural resources through mild and controlled intervention in respect of ecological balance and according to the knowledge and defence of the environment.

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Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio

Walking tour in the district of Cannaregio The tour begins in Campo del Ghetto and heads towards Fondamenta degli Ormesini and to Fondamenta della Sensa where you could find typically Venetian pubs (bacari) for a short break and typical inns and ethnic restaurants for dinner.
We arrive at St Alvise Church, a convent church with one single nave that is characterized by the 15th century “barco” ( the choir of the nuns that was directly connected to the convent), by a richly decorated ceiling and by Tiepolo’s painting. (The Church belongs to Chorus Association).

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Ecumenism and Multiculture

Ecumenism and Multiculture This itinerary winds its way among the main ethnic and cultural communities of Venice, the Jewish, the Greek and the Armenian, focusing on the multiethnic aspect of the city.
The tour deepens the theme of the minority communities living in Venice in the Age of the Serenissima Republic to lay emphasis on the historic contributions of the Greek, Armenian and Jewish to the cultural and artistic development of the city.

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Lions and venetian ships

Lions and venetian shipsThis is an itinerary through the maritime power of the Serenissima. The tour starts from the Arsenale, a building of industrial, maritime and military importance.
The ships that were too big to be handled in the squeri (the small boat making shops) spread all around Venice, were built and repaired in the Arsenale. At the entrance of the Arsenale you are welcomed by four lions of marble.

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Dinosaurs and venetian ship

Dinosaurs and venetian shipThe tour begins at the Natural History Museum with the visit of the hall of the dinosaur and the hall of the aquarium of the “tegnue” that recreates the protected  marine area around Chioggia.
In the courtyard of the Fondaco dei Turchi (old Turkish storehouse), the site of the museum, there is a restored and still working well where children may learn the techniques used by the engineers of the Serenissima for water supply in a city “on water, but without water”.

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Gondola Serenade

Gondola Serenade A romantic promenade by gondola, accompanied by music and songs, which will make you dream along the canals of Venice.

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Corti sconte

di Maria Giulia Palazzo | Redazione VeneziaSi

Corti sconteUn itinerario nella Venezia di Corto Maltese, un viaggio per calli e corti nascoste alla scoperta di luoghi poco visitati e spesso poco conosciuti dagli stessi veneziani. Una passeggiata in zone incontaminate che, per la loro lontananza dalle orde di turisti e per la loro semplice, ma struggente bellezza, sprigionano un che di misterioso e riportano il visitatore in una Venezia ormai lontana.
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Nel verde di Sant’Elena: tra chiostri, orti e giardini

Nel verde di Sant’Elena: tra chiostri, orti e giardini Questo itinerario vi condurrà in una zona poco frequentata di Venezia, l’isola di Sant’Elena, una delle ultime zone ad esser state edificate a Venezia. Faremo una piacevole passeggiata alla scoperta dei suoi spazi verdi e del suo antico complesso conventuale dietro alle cui mura si nascondono un suggestivo chiostro e un grande e ricco orto.

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