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Venice, the biggest watercolor in the world.
Josef Brodskij


Here's a short history of Venice through the centuries, from the splendour of the Serenissima Republic, with its battles for supremacy and its maritime trades with Orient, that made Venice the most rich sea power over Mediterranean Sea during its long empire, to our present-day city, facing the every day difficulties of its nature and its touristic destiny. Read more


A countless number of churches and bell towers exist in Venice and take their place in the history and artistic heritage of the city. This section gives you a description of the most important churches in Venice without forgetting the island of the lagoon, Mestre and Venice Mainland.
You'll find historical, cultural and artistic informations along with photos and practical information such as opening and closing times, entrance fees, addresses and relevant phone numbers. Read more


Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world for the treasures of art and history hidden in its many palaces and museums. Venice Lido, Cavallino, Treporti and Mestre are characterized by other important artistic, scientific and cultural spaces.
See our list of the most important museums of Venice, with a description and some useful information and advice to help you choose between classic or modern art, in Venice private or public museum system.
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What to see

A list of historic buildings, monuments, bridges and streets culturally relevant but also charming places beyond the usual venetian tourist attractions. You'll can find useful information about beaches, ancient settlements, small villages, old military forts and all the places you must visit in Venice, Cavalino, Venice Lido and Venice mainland.

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Traditional festivities

Today we can find the history and the art of Venice  in its many traditions: from its traditional festivities inherited from the splendour of the sea power Republic traditions, to its religious celebrations, historical re-enactments, traditional feasts... Let us guide you into a fascinatig trip made of traditions, colours and characteristic habits. Read more

Venetian Villas

During Venice’s maximum development, the nobles that governed the city started to look at the mainland, Riviera of the river Brenta especially, as an area of residence not restricted to holiday time only.
Riviera del Brenta, and gradually most of the Venetian mainland, was covered with wealthy villas, built by famous architects and frescoes by the most important painters of the century. The outcome is an artistic heritage of great international relevance that we invite to visit. Read more


The following is a trip through the stories, traditions and oddities found in Venice. It explains the why of certain names, gives typical expressions,  explains traditional boats and provides a little Venetian dictionary to help the most intrepid tourist find his way through the streets of this extraordinary city... 
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Cooking tradition

Una secolare tradizione culinaria i cui primi accenni si ritrovano nel calmiere pubblicato dal Doge Sebastiano Zorzi nel 1173, in cui si accennò per la prima volta a pietanze che venivano servite nelle tavole dei veneziani. In questa sezione troverete storia e origini della cucina veneziana, nonché una serie di ricette per riprodurre in casa vostra le gustose prelibatezze servite in territorio lagunare.

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, glass, masks, jewels are some of the most rapresentative products of the venetian local craft.
Old trades that today are still carried out in the laboratories and shops of the centre and the island of the lagoon, forms of art much appreciated throughout the world. Read more

Venetian legends

Venezia ha una tradizione ricchissima di favole, leggende e folclore che si inquadrano nei campi, nelle calli, negli antichi palazzi cittadini presentando personaggi e figure che sono entrate a far parte della cultura e della storia veneziana.

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