Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival official program 2010

Venice Carnival official program 2010 SENSATION 2010- 6 senses for 6 sestieri, directed by Marco Balich, will carry you through the most beautiful city in the world, revolutionising your every feeling. From February 6 until February 16, Venice becomes the kingdom of his majesty the Carnival 2010. A Carnival to enjoy Venice in every sense through the power of sight, the joy of touch, the thrills of hearing, the pleasure of taste and the exhilaration of smell.

Carnivalia - the official game of Venice Carnival 2010

Carnivalia - the official game of Venice Carnival 2010Thanks to The Ruyi, we learned many secrets about Venice. Now, the WHAIWHAI game come back in the city with a new version dedicated to Carnival: Carnivalia. Experience this treasure hunt with enigmas to solve and clues to follow in order to discover the thousand facets of Venice. 

Venice Carnival Traditonal feasts

Venice Carnival Traditonal feastsDuring Carnival Venice population attended official festivities in the public squares, with dances, music, theatre performances, live entertainment with acrobats, tightrope walkers, puppeteers, street entertainers and fireworks.

Traditional Venetian masks

Traditional Venetian masksDiscover the most famous traditional Venetian masks: from the well known Bàuta, to the mysterious moretta and many other characters of the Commedia dell'Arte of the Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni...

The history of masks and the Carnival's laws

The history of masks and the Carnival's laws Venetian masks were used to hide and protect their wearer's identity during promiscuous or decadent activities, but they became also the symbol of transgression and freedom from the severe social rules imposed by the Serenissima Republic.

Venice Carnival between traditions and curiosities

Venice Carnival between traditions and curiositiesVenice it's a unique city in the world and the organization of its most famous and most ancient traditional feast, the Carnival of Venice, must always start from this awareness...

The Carnival of Venice today

The Carnival of Venice todayCarnival is one of the oldest traditional feasts of Venice, rooted in the history and the culture of the most unique city in the world.
Today it's a blend of traditions and new events taking place throughout the whole city... 

Sweet temptations in Venice

Sweet temptations in Venice Carnival is the perfect time to throw caution to the wind when it comes to partying, masks and desserts that are the delight of sweet toothed connoisseurs. It is impossible to resist the sweet temptations that fill bakeries at Carnival. There are fritelle or doughnuts with cream or zabaione, there are castagnole and galani of every type – a type of fritter- biscuit s that comes thick or thin, cooked in the oven or fried and sprinkled with icing sugar – vanilla flavoured and not.

Venetian Frittelle

Venetian FrittelleIf you are in town during Venetian Carnival you can't miss the exquisite typical Carnival specialty: the venetian frittella!

Openair Carnival!

Openair Carnival!The Venice Carnival has always been an openair festival held in the streets and squares, with a wild atmosphere that sometimes even erupted into violence...

Carnival parties in Venetian private Palaces

Carnival parties in Venetian private PalacesGive yourself the gift of an exclusive Carnival party in one of the traditional private palaces along Canal Grande during the Carnival festivities, concede yourself the (paid) pleasure of escaping from reality, hiding yourself behind the mystery of a costume or a mask.

Masked entertainment in the palazzi!

Masked entertainment in the palazzi!The international dimension of Venice's Carnival has created a luxury entertainment "industry", which takes place in the palazzi and in 5 star hotels...
The difference between Venice and the rest of the world is that Venice has created her own atmosphere, which is 100% original.

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