Carnival parties in Venetian private Palaces

Carnival parties in Venetian private PalacesGive yourself the gift of an exclusive Carnival party in one of the traditional private palaces along Canal Grande during the Carnival festivities, concede yourself the (paid) pleasure of escaping from reality, hiding yourself behind the mystery of a costume or a mask.

For one night, let yourself get carried away by the magical atmosphere of a fascinating event, rich in tradition.
It's not necessary to bother Casanova, the personage that best represents the pleasure-seeking, luxurious, decadent aspect of eighteenth century Venice, always protected by his eternal mask; you can choose to be a historic figure or a legendary heroe; you may be the protagonist of a comedy that lasts the whole night.
Many people have called these festivities "money machines". Already during the time of the Serenissima Republic, Carnival was celebrated by way of the organization of spectacles and "dance-parties in the campiello". It was necessary to pay in order to participate.
First of all, there were dances in the Corte del Fondaco dei Turchi; but there were many other places for lively balls, the most famous being at the Zattere.
The Venetians also danced in the courtyards of monasteries (this was permitted only before sunset), in traditional houses and in the mansions of aristocrats.


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