Carnivalia - the official game of Venice Carnival 2010

Carnivalia - the official game of Venice Carnival 2010Thanks to The Ruyi, we learned many secrets about Venice. Now, the WHAIWHAI game come back in the city with a new version dedicated to Carnival: Carnivalia. Experience this treasure hunt with enigmas to solve and clues to follow in order to discover the thousand facets of Venice. 

"Giacomo Casanova never died. No, I don’t mean to say that his fame or the spirit of his era have endured to the present. I mean to say that he is actually still living in Venice. He alters his identity from time to time; perhaps you even saw him this afternoon, not knowing who he was, sitting in a café or strolling about the Rialto. Who is Giacomo Casanova? It is I. And now I wish to introduce you to the madness that embodies my city."

Twenty stories about Venice written by Alberto Toso Fei will let you discover hidden places and secrets of the city. The special map containing the stories and the directions can be bought for 8 euros at Sensation info points and at newsstands everywhere in Venice as an add-on to the daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.

You will interact with the game via text messaging on your mobile phone: solutions of enigmas must be communicated via sms in order to receive new code and new clues.




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