Venice Carnival between traditions and curiosities

Venice Carnival between traditions and curiositiesVenice it's a unique city in the world and the organization of its most famous and most ancient traditional feast, the Carnival of Venice, must always start from this awareness...

Since the origins of Carnival its genuine athmosphere is felt in the city streets and squares, always full of people and colorful masks.
It's in the streets that the rebellious spirit of Carnival can be truly appreciate, always fascinating visitors but also bringing havoc to the Venetians' daily routine with its parties and transgression!
In fact, is in the city squares that Venetians started the tradition of Carnival with openair parties, games, traditional celebrations, music and balls.

Today the most exclusive Carnival fests are organized in splendid venetian palaces overlooking the Grand Canal, with prohibitive prices of admission.
But some of Carnival traditional openair events still exist today, like the Flight of the angel in Saint Mark's square, officially starting the Carnival celebrations.

The Gran Teatro La Fenice will host what is to be the most spectacular and exclusive event of the forthcoming Carnival season in Venice: the Grand “Cavalchina” Ball, the most famous traditional masked ball for Carnival in Venice, where all the guests will be dressed with nineteenth-century costumes.


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