Basilica of Saints Giovanni and Paolo (San Zanipolo)

San Giovanni e PaoloThe Basilica is a wonderful example of Gothic-Venetian style.  It was built by the Dominican order between 1246 and 1430.
The church held an important position in the Serenissima’s (Venetian Republic’s) history being a burial place for Doges since the 1400s making it Venice’s own Pantheon.

Worthy of note architecturally are the polygonal apses and the right hand side of the church which faces the square.
The interior is similar in its towering Gothic style to the Frari church. 
It is the home of numerous works of art such as the polyptych of S. Vincenzo Ferreri by the young Giovanni Bellini (1465 circa) and St Dominic’s Glory by G.B. Piazzetta (1727) and paintings by Paolo Veronese e Lotto.
Noteworthy among the sculptures are the tombs of Doge Pietro Mocenigo by Pietro Lombardo (1481), Doge Andrea Vendramin by Pietro e Tullio Lombardo (15th century) on the altar and the Gothic tomb of Doge Marco Corner.

Useful information:
Visiting times: Every day: 7.30-12.30 e 3.30-7.30.
Address: Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo (San Zanipolo)
6363 Castello - 30122 Venezia
Telephone: (+39)0415235913
Boat linee Actv: boat stop Ospedale

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