Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta on Torcello

Basilica di Santa Maria AssuntaIn the northern part of the lagoon is the silent and solitary Island of Torcello.
It is the home of the largest and oldest set of religious buildings to be found on any island in the lagoon.  It is made up of three buildings linked by a portico:  the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (St Mary Assumed), the Baptistery and the still unfinished Church of St Fosca behind the cathedral.

It was founded by the leader of Ravenna, Isaccio in 639.  The cathedral is a splendid example of Byzantine-Venetian style.

The Baptistery, the remains of which are still visible in front of the main facade, dates from the 7th century as does the church while the bell tower dates from the 11th century.

The cathedral underwent two important modifications, one in 864 and the other in 1008 when Doge Pietro Orseolo’s son, Orso Orseolo was consecrated bishop of Torcello.

Noteworthy are the decorative elements on the façade  and the front portico which was enlarged in the 14th century. The church boasts a splendid marble floor and mosaics in the Ravenna school and Venetian-Byzantine style.
The breathtaking mosaic of the Last Judgement is one of the oldest present in the lagoon. 
Useful information

Visiting times: from March to October, everyday  10.30-6.00
from November to February, everyday 10.00-5.00
Entrance: cathedral full price 4 €, groups of a minimum of 10, 3€ - The tickets also allow a visit to the Diocesan Museum within 12 months of its purchase.
bell tower € 4 (with tour guide) – Diocesan Museum visit included within 12 months of purchase.
Cathedral and bell tower:  full price 7,50 €
Ticket for cathedral, bell tower and museum, full price € 10/reduced € 8 for groups of a minimum of 10.
Address: Isola di Torcello - Venezia
Telephone: 0412702464 041.2702458
Boat line Actv:12  boat stop Torcello

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